Comment nous fabriquons nos vêtements ?
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How do we make our clothes?

by Maxime Lebrun

All our products are transformed in France by us, we have developed our skills on techniques such as screen printing in order to be able to better control the making of our clothes.

This technique requires a real know-how that we have acquired over time, today we are proud to intervene ourselves in the production cycle of the majority of our products rather than having it subcontracted in remote and inaccessible factories.

We collaborate with various qualified craftsmen in order to combine our know-how and theirs to offer products that meet our quality standards.
It is with passion that each product is designed and manufactured, we are proud to share this with you every day.

If you want to find out how we print our clothes, you can watch this video which briefly explains the process in our workshop.


This is how we print clothes! #fyp #viral #foryou

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