À propos de nos NFTs
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About our NFTs

To put it simply, we believe enormously in cryptocurrencies, in the universe that relates to it and in the possibilities that it opens up.

This technology allows us to create NFTs , think of it as "digital fossils" allowing you to collect moments from the history of Forever Vacation.

"NFT stands for non-fungible tokens , they are hosted on the Ethereum blockchain. NFTs are unique digital objects such as collectibles, artworks or video game items. As an artist, you ensure both that your work is unique and that it comes from you. The ownership of an NFT is managed by the blockchain."

With each new decisive moment in our history, with each release of clothing that will lend itself to it, we will publish a limited NFT, which can never be re-released.

To get it is relatively simple,

  • Specify the address of your Ethereum wallet in the comments of your order to try to obtain the NFT linked to the capsule in question.
  • Participate in the various Giveaways / Events that can be organized at the time of capsule launches or special occasions.
  • Go to Rarible/OpenSea to see if someone who owns a copy has put it up for sale.

If it's not yet clear on all points, we made a video to explain it all to you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bCuOOhxvs8Y

We have thus launched a discord server accessible only to people in our community who have an NFT.
It's a way for us to find only people who have contributed to Forever Vacation.

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