Information about the price - Time Capsule

In truth, I think few people ask themselves the question, but it seemed quite interesting to me to explain the prices we chose.

We offer you a rather special experience, delivering your t-shirt and message to you in several years.

Although it may seem quite easy and obvious, the project was quite complicated to set up on many internal aspects.

It was then necessary to imagine all the probable situations within 10 years.

How much will it cost to deliver a package in 10 years?
How much will a printed t-shirt cost in 10 years?
Will it still be legal to make new clothes in 10 years?
How will inflation and the economy evolve over the next 10 years?
What will be the laws concerning our activity in 10 years?

It may seem a bit boring, but if we wanted to bring this project to life it was essential to plan all these points as much as possible.
Not being able to answer all these questions in an obvious way today, we have therefore set a higher price than usual, allowing us to have a margin of maneuver ensuring the feasibility of the project in the future.

And to be completely honest, we don't even make that much money on this type of product, the margins are much better on sweaters / hoodies / jackets.
The main objective is to sincerely offer you a unique experience, which will mark you for life.