Join the conversation 💬

The Discord community is closed, I decided to make the discord only accessible by invitation.

Join one of the most active communities in textile creation, e-commerce and social networks.

We help each other and share resources to move forward.

1. Participate & interact

We want to highlight a community engaged and interested in our values ​​and our project, each member of the discord at one time participated in the history of Forever Vacation.
Whether it's an interaction on social networks, coming to a physical event, buying one of our products or much more.

2. Recover an NFT

In order to identify the people who contribute to Forever Vacation, we use NFT technology.

You just have to think of it as a Pokémon arena badge.

You will easily manage to get one by interacting with us, be patient, we distribute them regularly.
(it's free of course)

3. Connect to Discord

Once your NFT is in your wallet, you can connect to the discord server in just a few clicks!